ATGCOIN is a reliable investment available for any start-up capital amount.

The ATG BEST, an American Exchange Corporation has been successfully trading liquid and high-yield instruments in the financial market for more than 13 years.

The ATG BEST experts launched an automated trading adviser (a special program for trading decisions assistance) at the end of 2016.

Application of the automated advisor helped earning 80% of the Corporation profit in intraday trading in just 3 months exceeding previous Corporation’s annual income (without automated advisor).

The Corporation decided to issue an ATGCOIN investment instrument and to make it available to any investor with reference to rate of return shown by the automated advisor.

If you have heard about now popular cryptocurrency investment income then the ATGCOIN coin would be an attractive alternative. The ATGCOIN has a variety of advantages compared to cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency ATGCOIN
The market is subject to strong volatility meaning that ask price may drop significantly below the purchase price due to speculative operations so you may not earn anything. There is no volatility as the coin is traded in a closed internal exchange. The price of the coin is constantly growing completely eliminating the risk of loss.
There is no any control by the state so there are risk of bankruptcy and risk of loss of keys and passwords safety. There is control by the Corporation complying with strict American legislation exchange trade rules.
Cryptocurrencies are not pegged to anything and they just exist on the Web. In other words they do not have any collateral guarantee. In the case of force majeure you won’t be able to present any facts to anyone to get repayment of your investments. The coin is an indicator of the Corporation profitability and directly depends on the automated trading system (advisor) operation. In other words you can always sell your coins and profitably return your investment.
There are lots of cryptocurrency coins holders so in case of their sudden sale the market may collapse virtually reducing investments of other participants to nothing. Internal exchange market is subject to strict exchange rules so downside risks are absolutely excluded. No one on the exchange can sell coins below their recommended price.
According to forecasts a new USC cryptocurrency soon will be introduced nationally which most likely will force out of the market all previous cryptocurrencies. Primarily regular investors will be affected. No external economic situation changes will affect the closed market where the coin is traded. So investors are completely protected from influence of any external factors.
There is no intrinsic value as there is no backing as cryptocurrencies exist only in cyberspace. Each coin has an intrinsic value starting from $1 at the date of issue (2017–01-01). The value growth depends on real return of the ATG BEST Corporation.
The price of the cryptocurrency in the future is unclear since there are lot of factors influencing both cryptocurrency growth and fall. So cryptocurrency is not worth considering as an investment tool. The ATGCOIN value is determined by the ATG BEST Corporation performance in trading futures on American, European and Asian exchanges. You can always see actual effected transactions by trading instruments generating the coin value and can personally watch your income growth.

The ATGCOIN coins have a finite number depending only on the Corporation’s rate of return. Since the first issue the coin has risen in value by more than 50 times and continues to rise every month.

Actually every investor can purchase any number of coins to keep and increase his/her investments. One may sell coins at exchange price and get a return on the upfront investments at any time.

For instance, if one has bought 100 coins for $100 in January 2017, which then were sold in September 2018 at a rate of $57.16 per coin he/she would have received profit of $5,616.

The sooner you take an investment decision of ATGCOIN coins purchase the more you can make both in short-term and long-term outlook.

With due consideration of the automated adviser application the Corporation’s profitability will continue to grow as it has been for 13 consecutive years. Just now this growth will be much faster and therefore the ATGCOIN value will constantly increase.

Investing a small amount now (for example $100) you can get income of thousands of dollars in a year and hundreds of thousands of dollars in two or more years considering the forecasted profitability growth. The further profit will depend only on the amount of your investment and investment time.

In short the ATGCOIN coin is an attractive and reliable investment tool open for all segments of people — from students to pensioners, the latter would be able to save themselves a decent pension in a couple of years.

You hold the keys to the kingdom. Start investing today to make profit tomorrow and in year, two, or three become well-off person!